"The key to quality and efficiency is professionalism"

Who am I?

What's up!?

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Marco Minetti is a Digital Technology Center Manager for Links Management and Technology S.p.A. and CTO for Linfa Sh.p.k. He is responsible for defining and experimenting technical and organizational innovations for higher quality and productivity in distributed teams and software solution development across international projects. With 15 years professional experience in Information Technology industry, Marco blends organizational and management background with software solution architecture design and implementation skills. Former project manager, change management consultant, startup founder and advisor, software developer, Marco strongly believe that passion is a key driver to reach goals and exceed expectations but professionalism and methodology is the key to quality and efficiency.

What's the current focus?

Project codename "hypereact"Enterprise-grade project to get a modern frontend application container with inversion of control and cloud native framework in micro-frontend age.


Metaverse XR/VR/AR/MRVirtual and augmented reality experimentation for data visualization and enhanced applications.


Blockchain and NFTBlockchain and smart contracts experimentation for NFT and decentralized applications.


Aeroponics with IoTData-driven aeroponics with IoT sensors, electronics, automation and industrial designs.


Robot Operating System (ROS) 2The defacto standard toolset for building software robotic applications.


PMI PMP® CertificationOne of the most significant and globally recognized certification for Project Management skills and experience.


Looking for experience?

You can definitely navigate throughout the "Experience" section of this site, but I maintain it as an ongoing spare-time activity. Thus, I strongly recommend to take a look at the brief summary or details at the "Curriculum" page. 

How to get in touch?

You'd like to add me to your Linkedin network. I'm available at linkedin.com/in/marco-minetti.