Marco Minetti

Who am I, at work?

Latest and current position has been focused for 2 years (starting mid 2018) on designing, building and growing a new business unit from scratch with a twofold goal:

  • create a distributed team across offices and countries with high motivation, effective coordination and rapid learning processes;
  • define and implement operating models to reach higher productivity and quality levels than other units.

The latter has been sorted out with technical and management practices, tools and through culture and operation isolation against the wider company. In two years, the business unit reached 25 team members across Lecce, Milan and Tirana (Albania) offices.

As the only owner of new business unit initiative, without relevant support from other units, I was deeply committed against a wide set of activities, far beyond the role title. Specifically, I carried out:

  • design and execution of recruitment and onboarding activities in the different stages of the unit (only contracts and payroll are outsourced);
  • fast training and employee enablement track design and implementation for juniors and seniors (all roles);
  • people management, role and career path design and experimentation (supporting the HR director in the company-wide official organizational re-design afterwards);
  • project management and program management, exposed to the customer in an highly turbulent environment, while concurrently executing tasks, building the team bottom-up, training on-the-job all roles:
    • business analysts (with product/process design and quality assurance mindset);
    • developers (mainly juniors with 0 to 6 months of experience, with train-the-mindset approach);
    • project leaders and PMO (mainly against project, customer and partners management);
    • technical leaders (widening significantly their skill boundaries towards a technical manager role);
  • software architecture design with high configurability and extensibility features and development support tools to downscale project costs through assets, solid code modularity and devops automation;
  • software security and quality enforcement design throughout static analysis tool, design best practices and penetration testing that actually passed secure code review from third party providers of customers;
  • setup and management of team IT systems and tools in early stages and contributing to later adoption at wider company level;
  • design of governance practices and tools for entire delivery management, including resource capacity planning and project monitoring (economics) and sprint/task micro-management for team leaders and project managers;
  • business manager(s) support for offerings, business development, contract reviews and risk mitigation.

Recently (march 2020), I started managing two internal projects: for the R&D department, a project of mixed research and applied experimentation with the goal of building enterprise-level applied and project/offering ready skills both at technical and business level within the blockchain hype and technology landscape; for the HR department, a NPD project with the goal of an HR multi-tenant cloud solution design and implementation with microservice architecture.

Former technical experiences and academic background confirms and defines a flexible job profile with effective skills in technology architecture and software engineering and general management.

Within the end of the current year, I’m formally committed to get the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification.

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