Codename "hypereact"

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What is "hypereact"?

The project codenamed "hypereact" is aimed at creating a pattern and library framework for React application. The framework provides developers with solid guidelines for extensive usage of classes and types through Typescript while enabling a code-less-get-more approach through decorators and transpiler plugins.

The technology focus of "hypereact" looks forward to:

  • architectural patterns for enterprise applications
  • production-ready libraries and streamlined development patterns
  • managed dependency injection and application bootstrapping
  • composited micro-frontend framework with versioning and configuration management

Components (currently in progress)

The "hypereact" ecosystem is under early design and implementation. The components outlook currently includes:

  • global application state manager with decoration-based reduceable actions and managed reducers (powered by React Redux)
  • typed and programmable routing with lazy loading, named views integrated with state management (powered by React Router Dom)
  • dynamic and programmable form generator with decoration-based validations
  • assisted background user activities manager integrated with state management
  • dependency injection manager with module federation support and managed bootstrapping (for multitenant and/or micro-frontend solutions)

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