State management

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Applies to 1.1.x

The "hypereact" framework provides you with a state manager that simplifies the integration of React Redux.

The state library specifically includes:

  • the StoreManager singleton class with convenient and flexible support for Redux sliceable store creation, reducer management and action dispatching
  • ready to use reducers that implement builtin reduce logics with Redux state slice support
  • decorators for enabling write-less-do-more development experience
  • interfaces and classes for managed actions and reducers implementation

Development model

The "hypereact" state development model proposes a Typescript first-approach and is focused on:

  • structure the root state and state slices with explicitly typed interfaces and enums to be reused everywhere in the code
  • configure the store by selecting built-in reducer classes and manage everything at any time through APIs
  • implement actions as classes that embeds their specific reduce logic and keep code clean and maintainable with decorators
  • decorate React class components to connect state to props
  • get out-of-the-box state persistence and eventually design custom scenarios by overriding functions, extending classes and implementing storage interface

Project source code

The state management library is available from NPM official registry and source code is available on GitHub. Eventual issues, enhancements or contributions will be handled in the public repository.

The development lifecycle is also including Travis CI for build/test automation and Code Climate for quality analysis and test coverage.